Concept & Product Design 

Kaijie Chen

Turnaround means a complete reversal of a situation or set of circumstances.


How to make a 'turnaround' material?


Recyling materials, giving a sustainable second life and new look to enhance the value. Inspired by sustainablilty ideas in packaing design and after researching food waste, I target the marketing to colleborate with Starbucks and design for Starbucks Gift Accessory Line (phone case, tile, coaster, jewelry) by repurposing milk container material (HDPE) and coffee ground.



HDPE material can be found in milk container, apple cider container and detergent bottle. After collected by material recovery facility, HDPE will be recycled by material manufacture. To close the loop of the product’s life cycle, HDPE plastics are shredded, washed, pelletized and recycled back to their original purpose. More than 1 billion pounds HDPE plastics are collected in 2013, US, however the recycling rate for HDPE category remained flat at 31.6 percent.



Attributes: Light weight; Smooth and waxy surface, easy to clean; High strength and stiffness, slightly flexible.

Color Choices: Depending on various milk container caps.

Using blow molding sintering process, put HDPE powder into metal profile under high temperature and pressure, then cool into a solid form. Sintered ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials are used as ski and snowboard base materials.


Harden time: 20 seconds




I got coffee ground from Starbucks retail store. Usually, coffee ground are daily dumped or collected by few customers for gardening. Each K cup contain a mere 11 grams of ground coffee. Can you imaging how many coffee grounds are produced and wasted from Starbucks annually?  In HK, the answer is 5000 tons! Now, scientists are helping Starbucks to convert coffee ground into bioplastic (succinic acid) for detergents and other useful products.



Attributes: Coffee scent; High strength and stiffness, flexible  (the additive of coffee ground enhances the flexibility).

Color Choices: Black with a touch of goldleaf and other sparkling color.

Silicone molding and composite material for casting. By pouring the mixture of coffee ground and resin into moulds and letting it solidify. The big advantage of this process is "No water process". And choosing low viscose and quickly curing resin are more time-efficient and successful. 


Harden time: 30 mins (silicone molding), 6 hrs (resin casting)





If the project is successful, it could yield enormous benefits to the company in terms of easing waste disposal costs while making a significant contribution to its sustainability profile, too.