Concept & Product Design 

Kaijie Chen


IDA Honorable Mention Winner in Other Product Designs Category, 2016

Beautiful spaces for beautiful minds.


A significant shift has occurred in the ways we work. Especially in large corporate offices, they are trying to blur the boundary between work and play. That is because people in creative environments are more motivated and more likely to ignite their potential. 

Office Playground is not only making workplace look playful (funny, hybrid materials, game zone), it is also improving the working process (multi-fuctional).



Infinite cube is designed as stress toy (small) and game zone furniture (large) which could be folded into a table and bench. UV printed moire pattern on acrylic cubes to create interesting visual effects when it folds. Also designed as game cube with printed board game patterns on each face. 


Research shows that going green decreases stress in the office while enhancing productivity by 12%. Plants in the workplace attract, retain and enhance attitude of today’s employee.



Office green panel is designed as space divider and screen bar which conveys the hybrid information between natural materials and tech/inorganic pattern. The holes are carefully arranged, forming interesting contrasts and a good sense of rhythm.



Landscape is substituted for a common boring writing board. To create more innovative workplaces, using Landscape to build up presentation structure by simply moving these magnetic elements (except the background grid).


Cubes highlight information. Mountain's color and size are used for organizing. Movable pieces are easily pick up and adjust without erasing and rewriting.


Signal is made with resin, concrete, color-shifting film and ear plug which brings a cushion feeling to hard surface. Lightening shape could be replaced and resized to any logo and letter.



Mixed with different shades, shapes and textured acrylic sheets in the artform of puzzle,  Fuse is designed for special flooring with neon glowing.Whole engineering flooring pattern is etched below on the wood.