Clothing & Photo 

Alexander Wang Resort 2016


Kaijie Chen

Pattern & Fabric Manipulation 

Kaijie Chen


SGIA Certificate of Merit in Heat Transfers (Textile) Category, 2016

People enjoy sharing food photos on social media, maybe a  glass of wine, a simple brunch, a dessert or a feast. To many people, food is a sort of culture, a representative of their lifestyle. As a daily necessity, how you dress up shows what kind of person you are. I am convinced that there is a deep connection between food and apparel. By accident, when I was cooking tofu with chive, I notice that it could be a stunning and innovative pattern. All the patterns below are designed with food elements.

Each design uses different fabrics (polyester, TPU, organza, blended) that I manipulated, such as applying glass beads before transferring and melted into fabric at a very high temperature; tying and boiling; transferring tactile texture from one to another; directly heat transferring prints to TPU fabric; also directly bonding a rayon fabric between two TPU pieces without heat bond sheets.



All of these need to be strictly controlled in certain and various timing and temperature.